Get Connected

You can partner us in multiple ways-

  • Be our Franchise Partner
  • Be our Distributor
  • Be our Retailer
Benefits of Partnership With Us

Our partners can provide services to a subscriber base with a very low ARPU, due to our flexibility in processing very small payments, even in the range of Rs. 10. However, it can extend to the maximum denominations that are advertised by the service provider. Hence, our system also helps to increase the average revenues for the carriers.

Some of the benefits, in a nutshell:

  • Very low investment required.
  • Reduces inventory.
  • Helps expand product portfolio.
  • Updated services/ products to be made available without any extra resource.
  • Better ROI as compared to FMCG business.
  • Increased efficiency, sales and profits.
  • Lower costs involved for collection/delivery points.
  • Quick, easy and very secure execution.
  • Flexibility in terms of top-ups, even low ARPU customers can be serviced.