About Us

MobiPact India

MobiPact is one of the country's finest service distributions and payment solution provider, aimed at easing the whole process of payment collection/processing for even the most novice customer, and is useful for towns and cities alike. We are witnessing a revolution of mobile payments, and this segment is sure to witness a new wave of innovation in the coming years. We are constantly innovating to make available the most hassle-free solution that is possible.

We offer a very wide range of services, ranging from prepaid top-ups, to DTH recharge, utility bill payments etc. We strive to provide an end-to-end integrated solution so that our customers can leave the hard/plastic cash and make payments through their cellphone. Apart from security, this concept also goes a long way in ensuring customer convenience and time/money savings.

Benefits to Retailers
Single Account

Our concept ensures efficient use of working capital; the retailers don't need to worry about different service providers and different handsets. The single investment at a central place ensures that the entire investment is available for use at any instant.

No Blocked Capital

Suppose a retailer has an investment of a thousand rupees for a single service provider, whereas no balance for another, it creates a serious bottleneck and cannot be said as a rightful allocation of resources. Our system ensures a right balance, so that the invested capital is put to good use every time.

Comprehensive End to End System

Management of different accounts, handling receipts and payments can be quite tedious for a retailer. It does not need to be this way. Our solution ensures a hassle-free process for the retailer. Integrated and real-time information at a single stop is available so that tracking of the above mentioned parameters does not appear to be a chore, a complicated task.

All in all, it has a string of benefits:

  • Hassle-free operation saves time.
  • The revenue stream becomes easy to track and becomes predictable.
  • Increases customer-base.
  • Customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Considerable savings in terms of expenditure and investment cost.
  • A dedicated team of IT professionals ensure an efficient distribution channel.
  • No possibility of revenue leakages due to an extremely secure and reliable system.